Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jabber? What the hell is it?

What is Jabber? Not sure; just picked it up from the thesaurus of MS-Word. I think it means: chatter. I wanted to name this blog: Crap. I dont know what to post. Neither do I know how long will I keep posting. I was forced by my friend to write one. Banu Prasad D.K. Now, I am wondering: Is he advertising for this website?
Since I have started writing one, let me also try to put what I want to do. I wanna write on day-to-day topics. I am not an intellectual, so cant write on Enginearing, Ecanomics, Maneagement or anything (Dont even know the spelling). I just wanna pen down my observations. As I stay in Bangalore-India, most of my observations will be related to this place. I am not hoping that anyone would read and comment on my thoughts. If, by mistake u happen to read, please feel free to comment/criticise my thoughts. Will be posting my first blog soon!

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